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このウェブサイトでは、ヴァンダ・プランツニツカの著書、「霊に依る憑依〜 21 世紀の除霊」からの引用文が見つかります。

  1. 謝辞
  2. 序文
  3. この本を書くにあたって
  4. 私について
  5. 死という幻想
  6. 魂の決断
  7. 死んで、それから?
  8. 魂がこの世に残る理由
  9. 魂がこの世に残る時
  10. 人が死ぬ瞬間
  11. どんな影響があるの?
  12. 愛する人の死
  13. レイプ
  14. 同性愛
  15. 母親が死ぬ時
  16. 病気
    癌 - 腫瘍 - 心気症
    長患い - 癲癇 -
    アレルギー - 喘息 -
    認知症 - 記憶の減退 -
    痛み -
    拒食症 - 過度の体重減少 -
    過食症 - 過度の体重増加
  17. 精神病
    統合失調症 - 双極性障害 - 自閉症
  18. 子供の問題
  19. 恐怖症、強迫観念、恐れ
  20. 自殺と殺人
  21. 交霊
  22. 依存症
  23. 事業経営に一言
  24. 幽霊物件
  25. 他の心霊現象
  26. 窃盗
  27. 嫉妬
  28. 彼等と自分を助ける方法
  29. 除霊
  30. まとめ
  31. ヘルプ


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14.05.2015 Wrote user Johnk929
I am very glad to see such excellent info being shared freely out there.
13.01.2012 Wrote user J
The symptoms you describe above are accurate. There are people who don't think about suicide, but some force or urge disrupts their mind. Unexplained aggression and violence are good signs to pinpoint ghost possession. Thanks for sharing.
08.04.2010 Wrote user Faziah
Thank you for all you do and have done for my family and myself. Go with Gods Speed
11.10.2009 Wrote user suzannewells2000
I believe that Wanda's wisdom and gifts will truly revolutionize the world as we know it, as well as save mankind from the terrible holocaust of pain and suffering that the majority of us have and are currently experiencing. What a revelation!!! Bless you Wanda and may God protect you and shower you with all the blessings you deserve!
27.07.2009 Wrote user miltondodd
Dear Wanda, I've heard more about you than just your book. I think you're a brilliant healer and spiritual guide... Keep saving those babies!
18.09.2008 Wrote user Gambit68boom
Wow i never thought of it. You just opened my eyes to a whole new world thank you.
02.09.2008 Wrote user exorcisme.catholique
Very good sister! God bless you!
20.08.2008 Wrote user catholic_girl
This article is very interesting, please keep on writing I want to know more. Thanks for the info!
14.08.2008 Wrote user sorasonorei
I totally agree with you.
22.05.2008 Wrote user Stellar
This is a wonderful service to the thousands of human beings suffering from unknown causes which can't be detected or diagnosed by conventional medicine or other professionals. I was greatly impressed some years ago, when at the Holy Mass, the priest said: "Let us pray for all those who suffer from mental illnesses which in the time of our Lord Jesus Christ was said to be possessed by evil spirits". - all answered: "Lord hear our Prayers"
19.02.2008 Wrote user Sher
Very good website. Tells it like it is!
11.09.2007 Wrote user kyles
I really believe this and i think more people should as well because it does happen to people and they should be more open minded
15.05.2007 Wrote user mminard200
I believe this to be very true, especially concerning alcohol and drug addiction. Carry on my Friend. I believe in bad spirits or spirits who need a living body to inhabit...
06.12.2006 Wrote user Laurence
Right on! It is nice to see that there are still some open minded individuals left in the world not afraid to embrace the truth.
10.09.2004 Wrote user Christian
I am not a real supernatural type of person, but lately I think my opinion is rapidly changing. I fall asleep and have these terrible nightmares and wake up stiff. I know that is a normal condition for some people, but there is more... I feel something, strong, alive, and its next to me even though I can't see it I feel it. What advise can you give me, so I don't have to overdose on sleeping pills anymore?

Wanda Pratnicka's response:
Please contact our office per email so that we can answer the question whether your problems are connected with the existence of ghosts in your life or not.
09.09.2004 Wrote user angbarajas
This is so interesting, I’m glad I came upon your website! For almost a year I’ve been having pains inside my stomach area, depression, bad mood, lack of energy, severe weight gain without reason and the list goes on.... I’ve gone to several doctors and been tested for several things and they can never find anything wrong with me, so that led me to believe aside from my other experiences, that I’m being possessed and not sure by whom. Most of my life I’ve had ghosts experiences and still have them almost daily. Sorry for this comment being so long, I’m going to look into your book, I’ve been searching for answers for a very long time.
09.09.2004 Wrote user leon
Yes I agree, I have had 20 years experience in this field.
08.09.2004 Wrote user John
I think that I am possessed and I need help. I went to the bathroom today and took a bowel movement and when I glanced into the toilet bowl afterward the feces were a revolting and unnatural bright green color. After that I realized that I had not been feeling good that day. I have heard that demons can cause sickness and am worried for myself. I don't know anybody so I don’t know who to talk to about this and I am scared.

Wanda Pratnicka's response:
Please contact our office per email so that we can answer the question whether your problems are connected with the existence of ghosts in your life or not.
04.09.2004 Wrote user Tara
Hi, I seriously need help. I am trying to sell my house but this thing (ghost) won't allow it ! Every time I go on holiday it plays up and my family that look after my house for me see it ! My husband has seen it - there is a woman and a man. Can you help please?

Wanda Pratnicka's response:
Please contact our office per email so that you can get informations on how to get rid of that ghosts.
26.08.2004 Wrote user Benika
Thanks so much for letting me know the truth of the outside world!
15.08.2004 Wrote user Kate
Thank you so much. This info was a help.
10.08.2004 Wrote user karmacal
My friend is totally possessed. That's why I am visiting this site to find help for her. It is so obvious that she has been possessed... She has had about 30 close friends and relatives die around her in the last 5 years. Her home is full of many entities (they don't like me) I know they are there! She and I have witnessed many strange phenomena there...
09.07.2004 Wrote user sushi_warashi
I really believe on it.
04.07.2004 Wrote user thuggy
Well I have a problem. I have a ghost that I have dreams about and yet he also comes through me when I get severly mad at a point of time. Sometimes I dont even have to be mad. He just comes through anyway and he causes my friends and family to be scared at certain times in the actions that occur. Do you have any advice for me? Anything would help. He also has been known to come through when a certain word or thing happens and my friend tells me what just happened when I come to myself. He is not really mean just VERY persuasive and he only gets mad when something bad happens or something that makes HIM mad. WHAT DO I DO? ANY ADVICE WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED! PLEASE HELP ASAP.

Wanda Pratnicka's response:
Please contact our office per email so that you can get informations on how to get rid of that ghost.

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